Development Day 1: Decoupling from the Engine

ChronoWatch v1.0 suffers (well, suffered) from two primary problems:

  • It’s actually part of the game engine (GGEngine).
  • It ships with its own macros.

It was originally part of the game engine because, while modular, ChronoWatch wasn’t intended to be used in other game engines. The work that must be done here isn’t the prevent the game engine from depending on ChronoWatch but the other way around – prevent ChronoWatch from depending on the game engine. This specifically means:

  • Cease using GGEngine’s exceptions.
  • Cease using GGEngine’s libraries.
  • Cease providing GGEngine with that awkward macro, which shouldn’t be ChronoWatch specific. It is a design decision that – should the macro be desired – the game team should re-implement it.

GGEngine’s exceptions are no longer used as of today.


Macros were originally used because it appeared to make sense that a macro should exist for quickly getting the “real” current time. This is no longer the case.

Bye-Bye Macro

Time spent: 2.5 hours. (Admittedly, some tweaks were made to GGEngine as well.)

~Nolan T Yoo


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