Development Day 5: Time versus Timer

Imagine eight classes defined in the same *.cpp file.

… You can stop crying now.

ChronoWatch was thrown into GGEngine’s TimeUtils implementation, including functionality for telling a thread to sleep… and that’s about it.

Later, StopWatch was also added. This meant that the TimeUtils files (which had been renamed to ChronoSupport.cpp and ChronoSupport.hpp) ran at an approximate total of 840 linesĀ of code. Oops. So much for lightweight.

So today, this happened:


Yes, StopWatch no longer ships with ChronoWatch.

Additionally, ChronoWatch’s initial variables have been moved to their own file, so you can freely change them without looking at the actual implementation:ChronoVars

Time spent: 5.5 hours. (Other minor architecture changes were made in preparation for upcoming/additional functionality.)

~Nolan T Yoo

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