Development Day 7: dear, beloved imgui

Perhaps for the better, there is no method to blindly and agnostically draw text onto the game engine’s window:

  • OpenGL or DirectX?
    • Which version?
  • SDL or GLFW?
  • Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux?

There are simply too many variables. For this reason, I have chosen to use dear imgui to help leverage my need to draw data on the screen. However, I quickly realized that adding a helper library to dear imgui would allow:

  • The user to use his own dear imgui helper library.
  • Me to save time when looking up/binding imgui GUI elements.

… This was back when GGEngine was initially being developed, of course. So ChronoWatch depended on GGEngine’s dear imgui helper.

This helper has now been reimplemented in a separate library so that the following is possible:


Simply, calling ChronoWatch::SysInfo.ImguiCommands() before ImGui::Render() will have ChronoWatch draw all of its profiling data. Cool!

Time spent: 8 hours. (Dependencies are hard!)

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