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This is the development blog for ChronoWatch v2.

ChronoWatch is a solo DigiPen project, designed to be a drop-in C++ Code/Routine Profiler. It’s primary purpose is to calculate the costs of systems in relation to other systems and how long the full frame to process. For instance, the Graphics engine may be 65% of your game engine’s frame time, the sprite-loading system may be 30% of the Graphics system’s frame time, so on and so forth.

It is specifically for DigiPen students building a custom engine in GAM courses at the 15X/2XX levels. DigiPen does not currently offer a fully-fledged Game Engine Architecture course, and as such, these students tend to be inexperienced. While I do not intend for ChronoWatch to fill that role, I do feel that it will be of great help to students that are building their first game engine.

It’s worth noting that more than 8 days were spend developing this project – about 300 hours in total were clocked – the 8 days are those in which a prominent feature was implemented, or an interesting thought was had. Many hours went into code refactors, debugging, consultations, the configuration of this website, and so on.


~Nolan T Yoo

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