Development Day 3+4: Readable Output

Commit history for the curious, as far as this work segment goes:


So as I re-remember, just because something can update every frame, doesn’t mean that it should. Any text that changes every frame probably isn’t going to be that readable. At least, I know that I can’t read 60 numbers per second.

… So why did ChronoWatch v1.0 insist on updating text every frame? Oops!

While ChronoWatch isn’t outputting profile information into a text file, the text that it does display should probably be readable. As such, it is now possible to change how often ChronoWatch updates its display.


Unfortunately that is a number of frames: the display will update every 12 frames rather than every frame… and rather than every 12 milliseconds.

Oh well. This is approximately 5 updates per second assuming 60 FPS. Obviously that isn’t reality, but I’m happy with this achievement nonetheless.


Time spent: 8.5 hours. (Other engine decoupling changes were made.)

~Nolan T Yoo

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